Food Photography

I started photography at the age of 9 with a Kodak Instamatic, at age 16, with videography. After my long years of studying law, philosophy and psychology did not leave me time for pursuing my interest in photography. It was only in 1985, when I was thirty years old that I could buy a good camera, the Minolta 300. The kit 35-70 mm zoom kit lens was excellent and the camera overall as well. I photographed with this camera, inter alia, these two collections about the Acropolis, and Aegina island, in 1986.

My first digital photo and video camcorder, bought in 2000, was the Sony VX-2000, which I was very happy with for seven years. I photographed with this camera my food photos 2002-2004 in the Provence, and I owned it from 2000 to 2007.

See Collection on Flickr (Culinary Provence, 261 Photos)


In 2007 I bought the Canon EOS 400D and was very satisfied with it, while the kit lens was from cheap plastic, yet the photos were amazing despite all, and even more so, the absence of grain even at high ISO—which I later found is one of the great pluses of all Canon cameras.

I sold the camera in 2011 for acquiring the absolutely marvelous Canon 5D Mark II which was quite an investment with four lenses, a Canon Speedlight 580EX II flash, as well as a Manfrotto tripod and an LCD monitor for video shooting.

With this camera I realized the following collections:

Malaga 2012

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